• Barbara is a highly gifted therapist. I have been to several counselors since I was a teenager. None have helped me as much as Barbara. She encouraged me to consider my strengths and readiness for growth and healing. I look forward to our sessions because I know she will listen to me and validate my feelings and thoughts. I am learning to become my best self. Until now, I did not know what that even looked like. Today I laugh more and feel calmer. I still have more to learn but I am on my way.

    Graduate Student at State University
  • Counseling has allowed me the time to slow down and to consider the deeper issues that have accumulated over time. I no longer feel overwhelmed when life transitions and relationships get complicated. I have learned coping skills to calm my anxiety and tools to help me navigate challenges when they arise. I found counseling to be a worthy investment in my personal and spiritual growth.

    SAHM & Empty Nester
  • My counselor helped me see some of my distorted thinking and false beliefs that did not serve me well. With her help I was able to let go of negative self talk and address my behavioral concerns. I am grateful for her professionalism and wisdom.

    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Barbara has been a great resource to help me through difficult times in my life. She provides a safe place that is loving and non-judgmental. Her recall of my past events and history make our sessions more valuable. She listens and offers wise counsel without being dictatorial. I highly recommend her and have done so for several of my closest friends. I cannot say enough amazing things about her. She is a gem.

    Senior Sales Executive
  • I am thankful for the years Barbara has been my therapist. Her grace and encouragement were a balm to my hurting soul. She is the best and I am sure will be helping the healing for so many more people

    Retired Administrator
  • I have wrestled with perfectionism and performance issues since early childhood and throughout my life. While I have achieved much to be proud of, I am learning that perfectionism is not the same thing as striving for excellence. Barbara helped me understand that people who pursue excellence in healthy ways, take genuine pleasure in working to meet high standards. Perfectionists however, are motivated by self-doubt and fears of disapproval, rejection and failure. Perfectionism comes at a cost and I was paying the price with my mental health and in my relationships, at work and at home. In working with Barbara, I found her to be compassionate, interactive, and collaborative. I have learned I can be a high achiever without being a perfectionist. The outcomes have been freedom for myself and happier, healthier relationships.

    Associate Licensed Counselor
  • After the death of my husband, the grief and complexities that emerged were more then I could handle on my own. I needed support. Barbara is a highly competent therapist. I am grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and compassionate demeanor. She emphasized self-care and honoring the losses I experienced. She created sacred space for tears (liquid prayers) and for seeking God in the midst of my recovery. I have learned to make peace with uncertainty, trusting God to order my steps. I am grateful for the support of friends and family. And for providing me with a therapist willing to come along side me on my grief journey. I have learned a lot from my suffering and have been comforted greatly. Now, after two years, I get to comfort others with the comfort I have been comforted.

    Executive Assistant
  • Being diagnosed with Cancer and going through intensive treatments is stressful. Counseling helped me manage my anxiety and fears. At times I felt depressed . My life felt like it was no longer my own but belonged to cancer. I lived in cancer world and cancer dictated most of my days. Barbara shared her expertise, working with clients suffering from Autoimmune Disease, Parkinson’s and various forms of Cancer. She was a good listener and extended compassionate understanding. It has been a long road to recovery and I am cancer free. However, my stress levels go up and down with the follow up medical visits and scans. Fear that the cancer will recur is another source of anxiety. Counseling helps me stay emotionally regulated. I can begin to enjoy life again and cancer is no longer the first thing I think about.